IT Nature Trust was created when Subir Kumar Dhar, an IT professional with an interest in social entrepreneurship, and Geetanjali Dhar, a tourism professional felt the need for a positive change around various communities they came across during their journeys across India and abroad. Their mission of doing social good began with them contributing as individuals wherever and whenever they saw a need.

They decided to formally give it a structure by registering their work as a non-governmental organization and creating a trust in the year 2014. IT Nature Trust operates with a mission to empower rural and tribal lives through a unique 360-degree development model that covers four key thematic areas namely health and nutrition, education, water and sanitation, and economic development as per the SDGs envisioned by the United Nations. All our projects consciously make an effort towards the same and will continue to do so in all our future projects.

Govt. NGO Darpan number is KA/2014/0075237