Importance of education in rural India

While we may boast about the education system in urban India, the picture is quite different in rural India. Statistics show that there is much to be done in the field of education in rural India. The Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) 2019, has also shown that emphasis has to be given in this sector.

There are numerous reasons why education in rural India needs to be given an importance. Among the myriad of reasons, as to why emphasize on education in rural India, there are some obvious reasons why to do so.

Here are some of the reasons, why to emphasize on education in rural India:

India is a vast country and nearly 65% of the population live in rural areas. There is no doubt that India has a large educational system, in fact, it ranks second in the world after China. The question, however, that needs to be asked is on the quality of education.

Gap between rural and urban education system: There is a visible lack of infrastructure and tools for learning in the rural areas. It can be clearly seen that improvement in the educational infrastructure in India can truly propel education.

Students are forced to dropout of school due to their financial situation.

Upgrading the educational system in the rural areas, can help in the capacity building of the rural populace and enable them to make informed decisions in this fast changing economy. Education can help them to understand politics, rights and government schemes.