Livelihood Programs

IT Nature Trust works with the communities in remote areas to understand their core skills, and how they can be tapped and marketed to promote sustainable livelihoods. The Trust works with the villagers who live in the periphery of National Parks and trains them on hospitality and assists in creating homestays. This helps in improving their income and lessens their dependence on the forests. The livelihood program has been tied up and adapted with the conservation program to develop a symbiotic relationship.

Energy and Lighting

IT Nature Trust works with the remote villages in the North-Eastern parts of India which still do not have electricity. We promote alternative energy options like solar lighting and mini hydel projects leveraging on the small community clusters, making them the custodians of the projects once they are set up.

Going forward, IT Nature Trust, would focus on water mills/ low headwater turbines that can provide power to remote villages in Uttarakhand and Arunachal Pradesh.

Nature Conservation

With the purpose of spreading awareness about nature conservation, IT Nature Trust organizes Bird Surveys in the national parks and adjoining areas. The participatory programs bring youngsters from around the country and even abroad, who form teams and are led and guided by local forest officials in enumerating the bird population of the region. The Bird Survey exercise also sensitizes the local tribal populace about the need for conservation. It also supports the Livelihood Program, as the participants stay at the newly created homestays, thereby generating a source of earning. The young urban participants too, get exposure to the culture of the local communities, which in turn supports sustainable living amongst the locals.

Reach to Read

Darlong Library Garden

IT Nature Trust mobilizes resources to create small libraries in the schools of the remote tribal hamlets. With the idea of promoting reading skills for the children of remote areas, the ongoing project strives to open a world beyond their own subsistence surroundings and academic exposure. With the help of well-wishers and the support of children’s book publishers, we have been able to make a huge difference to the young readers of North and North East India.